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February 03, 2005

Eason Jordan Update

If you're following the Eason Jordan mess, Powerpundit offers a nice roundup. Excellent for folks like me who have been out of the loop the past couple of days.

I'm appalled by Jordan's statement, deeply troubled to learn that he has made similar statements in the past, and highly unconvinced by his recent "clarification."

Although Hugh didn't find anything on the story in the Washington Post or the New York Times this morning, his e-mail from blogger Rony Abovitz is encouraging. I think we can expect a major print story soon; hopefully, we'll have several. Sure, some will try and sweep it under the rug, but I hold out hope that other members of the MSM take their job seriously and will provide a fair and well-researched account of the events.

I'm taking Geraghty's side on this one...for now.

UPDATE: Doug of Bogus Gold comments that Captain's Quarters has done some fine research on Easom Jordan. The "context" in which Jordan spoke at Davos should include these previous statements that CQ has uncovered. (Doug has several posts on the subject.)

UPDATE II: La Shawn Barber provides an extensive round up of developments in the story here and here.

Posted by Rick at February 3, 2005 09:50 AM


Don't miss Captain's Quarters on this story either. Captain Ed is all over this, digging into Jordan's past an uncovering that this is not the first time this fellow has made these kind of allegations against U. S. troops. He has apparently done the same thing with Israeli troops, incidentally.

Posted by: Doug at February 3, 2005 10:57 AM

Doug, I didn't read CQ today, but noticed that Powerpundit is summarizing all the major players moving this story (Including CQ). I'm way behind and I figure that some of our readers may be as well. Powerpundit made it easy for me to catch up and that's why I gave him the link.

Posted by: Rick Brady at February 3, 2005 11:04 AM