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February 23, 2005

More Skepticism on Deep Throat

I wrote earlier this month that Woodward and Bernstein’s Deep Throat May Be A Composite of Multiple Sources, which has been the opinion of Nixon aide Charles Colson. Here, Jonah Goldberg explains why he believes Deep Throat is “Bob and Carl’s imaginary friend.”

Goldberg also adds to the composite theory:

Recently, Fox News media analyst Eric Burns revealed that the late, great historian Stephen Ambrose had told him there never was a Deep Throat. Burns' evidence was second-hand at best. He said Ambrose had shared an editor with Woodward and Bernstein - the legendary Alice Mayhew - and she had told him that Deep Throat was a composite of various sources. Mayhew told Ambrose that the first manuscript of "All the President's Men" contained no references to Deep Throat and that she told them the book needed a stronger plot device. D.T. was the result.

Posted by Jim at February 23, 2005 03:17 PM

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A lie, once told, generates its own momentum. So I'm not looking for any new revelations from the authors. What purpose would it serve? Why undermine your own credibility?

In this case, it would seem that we can assume that the role of Deep Throat has been "embellished" as a literary device, perhaps to tighten the plot and satisfy a book editor. But complete denial of Deep Throat or a series of them runs counter to the fact that Woodward and Bernstein must have had a genuine Whitehouse source or sources.

Posted by: RLG at February 24, 2005 10:44 PM