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March 19, 2005

Groningen Protocol Revisted

Hugh Hewitt posts on a NY Times article Groningen Protocol propaganda piece published by the NY Times.

It had previously been asserted that the Protocol would empower doctors to end the life of terminally ill children, in some cases without parental consent. In the NYT interview, however, the author of the Protocol seems to indicate that parental consent is required.

Hugh is right about the NYT in this case; the parental consent clause mentioned in the story is news and should have been pursued by the writer of the story. But, we can we expect that type of reporting from a NYT journalist?

I hope that this story triggers some investigation by life-bloggers. Does the Groningen Protocol permit anyone other than the parents to end the life of a terminally ill child? Even if it does not, should this matter?

Heaven forbid one of my children were in so much pain that my wife and I could bear it no longer; but, I can imagine circumstances where my love for my child would push me to request that doctors end his/her misery. Is that right? I'll have to pray on that. It seems obvious though that parental consent is the sine qua non for execution of the Groningen Protocol.

Posted by Rick at March 19, 2005 03:11 PM

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