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March 03, 2005

More Outrage

This time from Hugh Hewitt at the LA Times for this article. The following sums up Hugh's complaint: "70 years ago American journalism did not cooperate with evil. It reported on it."

I agree. The article is outrageous and the LA Times should be held to account. Hugh has many suggestions for action.

Outrage can be expressed in many ways - some sinful, others righteous. Perhaps indignation is a better word to describe the type of response I was looking for in response to Dean and Byrd's recent comments, although WordNet by Princeton University uses the terms interchangeably. (See 3rd entry for outrage and 3rd entry for indignant)

Hugh urges an indignant response to an outrageous publication of a news organization with power and influence both here and abroad. If the publication was of little significance or influence, we wouldn't even know about it - as things should be.

Our 1st Amendment guarantees a free press, but does not guarantee that press an audience and certainly does not insulate that press from public criticism. In fact, I believe that responding indignantly (and proportionally no doubt) to any outrageous abuse of the 1st Amendment is both our reasonable and responsible service as Americans.

Posted by Rick at March 3, 2005 02:56 PM

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It certainly should not be surprising that the LA Times ran a human interests story about the “benefits” of living in North Korea since the paper is one of the most liberal in the U.S.. In the article niceties abound.

In reality, however. North Korea is a rogue nation in which a dictator is intent on keeping his people content, even if he has to remand them to a concentration camp (occasionally?) to teach them they must always obey their father and benefactor.

This iron fisted “father” controls a country in which many thousands, perhaps millions are starving, an economy that is in the pits, and a regime that can produce only six hours of electricity a day. Yet, this dictator is proud of the fact that his country has developed a nuclear bomb. Talk about irony.

Suffice it to say that the lights are on in South Korea, Japan, and a host of other countries around the world. We all know why, with the possible exception of the reporters of the LA Times.

Rapid Fire

Posted by: Ulysses at March 4, 2005 08:42 AM