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April 05, 2005

Headed toward Civil War?

The Washington Times brings word that the more moderate Democrats (what is left of them) have challenged their liberal counterparts for the party to take a tougher stance on the war on terrorism.

In an attack on the party's dominant left wing, anti-war base, and a warning for new Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean "to do no harm," the centrist-leaning Democratic Leadership Council said it is "a delusion to think that if we just turned out our voters, we could win national elections."
The liberal response?
I can't tell the difference between the positions the DLC puts forward and Republican policy," said Jack Blum, counsel for the liberal Americans for Democratic Action.
I suspect that the DLC fired a flare, rather than a warning shot; a cue to the party that "someone" will be emerge soon in the race for 2008.

Hillary is perhaps the one candidate who could run to the center-right on some issues (immigration and GWOT in particular) without offending the base badly enough to cause a lasting revolt. "The sooner these fights take place, the better," the DLC said. If it's Hillary, the fights will only be for show. Hillary is at heart, one of them - no matter what mask she wears for the next two years.

Posted by Rick at April 5, 2005 01:48 AM

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