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April 29, 2005

Jews Against Anti-Christian Bias

The Jewish people have suffered so much persecution over the centuries that they can see and understand it with more certainty than many others can.

So it’s not surprising for a Jewish group to help battle anti-Christian bias and discrimination. Politics being what they are, however, it takes conservative Jews to take up for conservative Christians.

Don Feder, a Boston Herald writer and syndicated columnist for 19 years, announced this week that he had established a new group: Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation, or JAACD. Source: World Net Daily. Also here. (h/t: Considerettes).

From WND:

Feder said for years he has written about incidents of anti-Christian discrimination in the public square - from the prohibition of crèches on public land to the silencing prayer in the nation's schools.

"What I consider an epidemic of anti-Christian bigotry and persecution is something that has concerned me for a long time noting that in 1996 he wrote a book entitled "Who's Afraid of the Religious Right?" which covers what he sees as the left's attack on traditional Christians.

"Particularly pernicious is the leftist idea that it's legitimate to base your politics on anything except religion," he said. "You can say that my politics are based on the views of Karl Marx or Ayn Rand or Jane Fonda . and that's OK, but as soon as you say your worldview is based on the Bible, that's considered an illegitimate basis for embracing certain political views."

This is reminiscent of some of Michael Horowitz’s statements on the international persecution of Christian. Horowitz is less partisan, but he has spoken and written boldly about Christians as the Jews of the modern era.

Posted by Jim at April 29, 2005 07:43 AM

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Thank You VERY,VERY MUCH!!>> Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation ....For Loving enouagh to stick up for what is true!! WOW!! Just when i thought there wern't any more HEROES!! GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF Y'ALL!!

Posted by: gary sturrock at August 3, 2005 07:51 PM

Have you ever talked with Jay Sekulo of the ACLJ he's a good JEWISH boy. Maybe he can help also. I like what I read in your posting on SPARK NEW SERSOM IDEAS. I go to a Baptist Church in Glendale Az. I'm in a wheelchair and take the handicap bus the church. There are no Jewish Congregations in Glendale. I've tried to interject the TORAH into the class I'm in. The women seen to love it. So pray for me. Again thanks I found your ad in the Friends of Isreal magazine.

Posted by: myrna bradley at August 19, 2006 05:56 PM