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May 27, 2005

Just thought you all should know...

...Rangers are in first place! It's shaping up to be a great summer and I hope it will be a very exciting fall.

Posted by Rick at May 27, 2005 01:29 AM

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I'm down with the Rangers, but man, the AL West is probably the worst division is baseball.

Posted by: Matt at May 27, 2005 11:27 AM

Padres are in first place, too. Right back atcha, Nick!

Posted by: Patrick O'Hannigan at May 27, 2005 04:28 PM

Children, children, please. Now, repeat after me: "All that matters is who wins in September and October," "all that matters is who wins in September and October." When your respective teams win a championship, or two, in your lifetime, and when Division Titles are an annual event, you will come to understand this as well. Until then, enjoy your May 2005 in the sun. Reality, and July, bites.


Posted by: Mark Sides at May 27, 2005 09:53 PM

Rangers pulled out in front of the Angels tonight. It's all over now. I say a team is only as good as it's last 7 games. That means the rangers are perfect. They might as well call the season early. I think right now the Padres are the only team in baseball that can compete with the Rangers.

Mark, I don't know what world you live in, but perhaps your sports brain hasn't thawed yet from the long cold Minnesocold winter. Twins are playing well, but they better take some extra batting practice before they step into the Rangers realm.

Okay, okay, my baseball trash talk is lame...

You all know they started baseball blogs? or something.

Posted by: Rick Brady at May 28, 2005 12:19 AM

Well, Rick, I guess I have to agree with you. Either that, or you weren't paying attention. Perhaps I was being too subtle; so here goes. What I meant was this: The Twins have won two World Championships in my lifetime. Neither the Rangers nor the Padres can say that. The Twins have won three consecutive Division Titles in the past three years. Padres, Rangers? No. So, again to be perfectly clear so that even a Californian can understand it through the haze: When your teams can even put together one division title, which are won in September and October, then feel free to talk trash. Until then, again, enjoy May.

Posted by: Mark Sides at May 28, 2005 01:48 AM


too bad that Colorado didn't have an MLB team when you grew up...perhaps it would have prevented you from becoming a twinkie. (maybe not since you are an active Vikes fan).

That's Rick's cousin that we keep hearing about with the rangers..right? does the world really care? glad to see a post leaving out the familial relations.

all I have to say it, put minnesota in any other division and they would not have the recent division pennants.

last (if you read this far) i will confess I am a royals fan. go kc? (small caps, very feeble, very reluctant to admit this and draw fire. we are a charity case courtesy of david glass, ceo of walmart...please be kind! they just hired "buddy" bell. they don't need a buddy, they need a leader to munch on some twinkie!)

Posted by: skibrian at June 1, 2005 02:53 PM