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August 15, 2005

Justice Sunday II: Wrong Place, Off Target?

The only real news from Justice Sunday II was logistical: who spoke, who sang, how crowded the church was, where media sat, and prominence of bloggers.

The messages were the same. Arrogant judges. Judicial activism. As important as all of this is, it all seems rather secondary at the moment, since the President has nominated Judge Roberts to the High Court. Presumably Roberts will not be arrogant and will prove to be an originalist.

Evidently Roberts wasn’t mentioned all that much at JSII because his credentials are in question, because—for this crowd—he may have been on the wrong side of protecting homosexual rights.

Soon there will be another Supreme Court vacancy, and maybe a third by the end of the Bush presidency. I’m not sure JSII had any bearing on any of these matters.

Family Research Council paid close attention to bloggers, inviting 12 to the event. They’re listed on the event homepage. They included Captains Quarters, Voluntarily Conservative, Reasoned Audacity, and Yeah Right, Whatever, among others.

Unfortunately, too much of the blog coverage is of the “Gee whiz, I can’t believe I’m here variety.” Joe Carter has the best coverage that I’ve seen so far.

My strongest reaction to JSII: I am totally opposed to conducting this kind of political event in a church. God’s house should be a place a prayer, but you have made it a den of politicians.

We know better. Rent a convention center and have Christian activists gather and organize. Keep these political rabbles out of the places of worship.

Posted by Jim at August 15, 2005 07:12 AM

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Right on man. I tuned in and out of the radio coverage for a bit, and kept asking myself "what exactly do they want evangelicals to do?" Be informed? fair enough. Get upset at a broken system? check that one too. However, the only advice anyone could really act on was one fellows' exhortation to "run for office."

I applauded this Lewis-ian attempt to ask that Christians mend a broken system inside out. I give Lewis the credit because he was fond of saying that we don't need more Christian books, we need more excellent books written by Christians. we need excellent books with Christianity latent in them. So then, we don't need more pep rallys to feel victimized and wronged, we simply need more Christians who excel in both legistlative and judicial branches and work themselves (to God's glory) into positions of influence.

Nevertheless, you got the nail on the head in terms of improper timing and location. The focus was not on God and his glory, nor His Word, nor even praying for our leadership as we are commanded in Scripture to do.

I'm with you. someone should have had to foresight to rent a convention center on a saturday and let folks go to evening worship.

Joshua 6:27 "And the Lord was with Joshua, and his fame spread throughout the land."

Posted by: joshua627 at August 15, 2005 09:42 AM

Here, here!

Posted by: Matt at August 15, 2005 02:55 PM