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August 18, 2005

What will be Enough for the Palestinians?

It is so difficult to generate genuine optimism about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, because hope has always been dashed in some way. And perhaps that is the way it will always be. I believe the establishment of an independent Palestinian is right and just, and this move toward autonomy for Gaza a worthwhile move. However, the Palestinians have not failed to disappoint in the past, and I will be surprised if the Israeli action is treated as anything but an insignificant gesture.

Peter Glover has a thoughtful piece on Gaza, the West Bank, and ultimately, Jerusalem. He writes:

Now I am well aware that many take differing views on this process and these critical issues. Some views are coloured by particular theological interpretations, others are along historic lines, others are based on purely pragmatic considerations to achieve peace.

”Whatever our theological views however, God also calls each one of us to pursue justice for all peoples. That is why I, like Premier Sharon, perceive settling the Palestinian in a re-enfranchised state may be just. However, like many Christians, I have watched the Palestinian leaders squander opportunity after opportunity (including the amazingly one-sided 'give away' offer of Ehud Barak's Israeli government at Camp David just a few years ago - an offer Yasser Araft incredibly refused) to settle the dispute. They have today another real opportunity. But I predict it will not be enough for them in the long run.

Sharon is taking a massive political risk for himself and for Israel. While Palestinians are free to live almost anywhere in the Arab or Jewish world the same cannot be said for the Jews, who would be persecuted mercilously in most Arab countries. The situation of the two peoples then are not synonymous. The Israelis are however prepared to relinquish land and give the Palestinians their state. By doing so, Sharon has calculated there is at least a chance for a permanent peace. Gaza and the West Bank make up those lands. Jerusalem, currently, does not. And there is the rub.”

Posted by Jim at August 18, 2005 07:05 AM

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While Palestinians are free to live almost anywhere in the Arab or Jewish world

Only half right, at best. The Palestinians are decidedly not welcome in most of the Arab world. This is a major contributor to the woes of the Middle East.

Posted by: Kent at August 18, 2005 12:50 PM

The Arab "brothers" of the Palestinians have used them as a political tool and pawn to contniue and give them an increased excuse to puruse the "driving into the sea" of Israel. God may call us Christians to seek justice for all peoples but this does not include giving up His land, teh land of Israel to anyone, and those who have pressured Israel to do so will pay for doing so. The book of Zechariah is clear in stating taht ALL nations will come against Israel in the *End*. all means ALL which includes the US. God has warned He is angered by the dividing up of the land (Israel) and He does not call upon Christians to support (what one may call *justice* for the Palestinians by giving them land that is not theirs. And the whole world knows they nor the Muslim nations that surround Israel will be content until Israel is wiped off the map. What *justice* is for Israel amongst them all ? None!

Posted by: Carole at August 22, 2005 12:33 AM