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September 06, 2005

President Bush to Investigate "What Went Wrong" In Relief Efforts

From the BBC:

US President George W Bush says he will lead an investigation into how the Hurricane Katrina disaster was handled. "I'm going to find out over time what went right and what went wrong," he said in reply to criticism that the authorities were too slow to respond.

His focus, he added, was on helping the victims but there would be "ample time" for an investigation.

Officials in New Orleans have urged its last residents to leave the swamped city, saying it is now uninhabitable.

In an open letter, the city's Times-Picayune newspaper has demanded the sacking of top emergency service officials.

Ex-President Bill Clinton, and his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, have been among those to call for an inquiry.

'No blame game'

How the different levels of government had reacted to Katrina would be examined, Mr Bush said, but he refused to "play the blame game".

"We got to solve problems - there will be ample time to figure out what went right and what went wrong," he said in Washington.

America, he added, had to be sure it could respond properly to another disaster, whether natural or an attack with weapons of mass destruction.

Stressing his focus on victims, Mr Bush also pledged not to allow "bureaucracy... to get in the way of getting the job done for the people".

He also announced that Vice President Dick Cheney would visit Gulf Coast region on Thursday to help assess the government's work.

Posted by Tom at September 6, 2005 12:32 PM

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Here is what really went wrong:


This morning I read an article by a columnist for the New York Daily News, in which he ultimately blames slavery for the plight of the suffering
African-Americans in New Orleans. I can't find the link now or I would post it here.

Anyway, the following is a letter I wrote to him in response:


Just read your article.

I thought it was reasonably fair, except for the one glaring omission which almost always characterizes articles such as the kind you wrote.

You don't acknowledge what the African-American people have done to themselves. Why are so many poor? Why do so many live in poverty?

The truth is that Black culture is immoral culture. Unwed pregnancies abound, drug addiction is rampant, alcohol is widely abused, filthy rap music prevails, high school drop-outs are fast becoming the norm, obscene music videos are the rule, violence is glorified and esteemed, hip-hop styles and images predominate, and the entitlement mentality runs very deep...these are the things that have destroyed vast segments of the African-American people, not the federal government.

You seem to want the federal government to do for Blacks what only solid Black families can do for themselves.

What we see in New Orleans is the direct result of the dissolution of the American Black family. And what led to that? Immoral Black culture.

Please think about it.

The federal government cannot be made responsible to change Black culture; only Black people can do that.

And there is a void of Black leadership who will say and preach these things. When someone arises who does have the courage to speak this truth, he is shot down as a traitor to the race. The problem is thus perpetuated from generation to generation.

Sadly, it seems to be a rather hopeless case.

Ultimately, I think it will be one of the factors that will destroy the United States of America. In the Old Testament the penalty for man-stealing was death. Many generations ago White men stole Black men from their countries and made them slaves. Divine retribution is often long in coming, but it invariably arrives. Many within the Black race, I believe, will continue to foment deep unrest and destabilization in this country that will ultimately portend the final demise of the United States. There are with each passing day greater and greater socio-political rifts in this land which, evidently, do not admit of healing and redemption, despite the efforts of many. It seems that America is destined to reap what was sown close to 400 years ago and the Black race will become a scourge for this country's present sins of materialism, hedonism, humanism and Constantinianism. Maybe the astonishing generosity in evidence these days will buy America more time. Then again, maybe not. It is not how Americans respond in times of emergency that will determine her future, but how Americans live before God when no one is watching.

There are very difficult days ahead for America, I fear. Forces are presently at work on various levels which may precipitate the end, not the end of the world as so many lame and irrelevant radio preachers drone on about, but the end of the United States of America. The White man and the Black man are now full of sins. And in God's economy those who love sin purchase destruction.

Good day.


Posted by: kevin at September 6, 2005 09:39 PM