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April 27, 2006

The Day of Truth

Today is the "Day of Truth".

Christian students at more than 700 high schools across the nation will join today in an event to counter homosexual activism.

The number of participants in the "Day of Truth" has doubled over last year, according to the Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund, which is sponsoring the event.

ADF President, CEO, and General Counsel Alan Sears sees the "Day of Truth" as an opportunity to express a different perspective than the "Day of Silence," promoted by the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educational Network\.

Participating students wear T-shirts and hand out cards with the following text:
I am speaking the Truth to break the silence. Silence isn't freedom. It's a constraint. Truth tolerates open discussion, because the Truth emerges when healthy discourse is allowed. By proclaiming the Truth in love, hurts will be halted, hearts will be healed, and lives will be saved.

And that is what we need, regardless of the issue; the Truth.

Posted by Doug at April 27, 2006 02:15 PM

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