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August 30, 2007

Green Evangelicals No One's Political Patsy: My Op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Those of you who have read my material over the last year know that our public relations firm, Rooftop MediaWorks, has been handling communications for the national Evangelical Climate Initiative. And during the last six months, I have been serving as Campaign Director for the ECI.

In that role, I wrote an op-ed on how mainstream media and Democratic pundits have been wrongly assuming that green evangelicals have become liberal Democrats.

The op-ed is appearing on August 31 in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (ECI is headquartered in the Atlanta area).

The piece reads in part:

The clearest way to explain the majority of American evangelicals, including the new — often young — evangelicals is that they are increasingly embracing a total life ethic.

This new ethic still calls for protection of the unborn and of the unwanted through policies against abortion and euthanasia. But it also strives to protect the climate, and to help the poor and disadvantaged in the U.S. and in the vulnerable places of the world, such as Africa. The total life ethic seeks to protect the incubator and divinely designed cradle of human life, the family; but it also calls for human rights, freedom and the rewards of hard work. New evangelicals are reaching into new areas, but they don't stop preaching and demonstrating that fullness of life comes only through lives surrendered to and transformed by Jesus Christ.

Posted by Jim at August 30, 2007 10:14 PM

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Hey, I read that in the AJC. You wrote that? Cool. It was a good read.

I consider myself green, but I'm not buying into the global warming hysteria. I still remember the cries in the 70's over the upcoming ice age. Still, I believe in conservation because it's the right thing to do. And I'm completely in favor of reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Posted by: RightOnPeachtree at September 1, 2007 12:33 AM


Your approach is fine. Take tangible steps for the reasons that make sense to you right now. Dramatically cutting our dependence on foreign oil would make a huge difference. But it will take a lot of small actions by all of us; and some big decisions, too.

Posted by: Jim at September 4, 2007 08:57 AM