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September 28, 2007

Serial Divorcers and the Divorce Rate

Liz Taylor is keeping the divorce rate high.

Eight-times married Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor could be heading for yet another trip down the aisle as she declared her love for a wealthy businessman she met last year in Hawaii.

As much as I believe the divorce rate in the country is too high, its people like Taylor that make it artificially high. She's been divorced 8 times, so 8 other married couples need to stay together for life just to keep a combined 50% rate alive.

And if past history is any indicator, two more couples need to be signed up real soon now.

Posted by Doug at September 28, 2007 12:40 PM

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Women and men of the middle-upper class marry at a later age and tend to remain married more often, whereas partners who belong to lower classes marry younger and divorce more.

The average age gap (in all social classes) is the same between men and women (1 year). (Average age gap in the world : 2 and a half years). The age gap increases between partners who remarry : men tend to remarry with younger women. The research on the stability of remarried couples is not yet sufficient. But the first data collected show remarried couples are less stable than upper class couples who got married in their thirties.

It has been also observed that stabler couples tend to share the same advantages (physical attractiveness, instruction, wealth), values and style of life and that partners of those couples do many activities together.

Tentative explanation : upper class partners draw more benefits from marriage (including benefits drawn by the fact that they can combine a better access to resources).

The only exception to the rule concerns ... artists.

The main factor is women's access to resources. High divorce and remarriage rates have been observed among traditional societies of hunters-gatherers where women bring as much resources as men.

Posted by: buster keaton at October 5, 2007 03:25 PM