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September 05, 2007

Some Gems from a Very Old Blogroll

As I near the third anniversary of my personal blog, The Rooftop Blog, I’ve decided to clean up the Blogroll. There are blogs on there I haven't visited in months; well, years. If they’re no longer interesting to me, off they go. At the same time, I’ll spend some time mentioning some interesting posts. Here we go:

I Wonder if it’s Superstition

21st Century Reformation, which has a nice mix of serious spirituality and pop interest, says Steve Wonder’s Superstition is the best ever, and points to a fun YouTube clip of a performance. Remind me to tell you sometime about the free concert Stevie Wonder did for me years ago at the Baltimore Penitentiary that cost me $25,000.

If It Was Only Flatulence

A Red Mind in a Blue State muses

“Hearing all this green talk lately, Live Earth, etc. How delicious would it be if we eventually found out that global warming is caused by the flatulence of whales, manatees and baby seals, and that the only sure way to save the Earth is with a club?...”

That would make things a lot easier. But, alas, it’s us—which makes the club less desirable.

Blood and Fire

Adrian Warnock in the UK still appreciates great old hymns. Here’s one by William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army.

One stanza:

To make our weak hearts strong and brave: Send the fire! To live, a dying world to save: Send the fire today! Oh, see us on Your altar lay, We give our lives to you today, So crown the offering now we pray: Send the fire today! Send the fire today! Send the fire today!

Diamond in the Rough

For some reason, this actually brings tears to your eyes.

The Miracle of Grace, in Washington

Beyond the Rim cites Peggy Noonan’s call for grace in response to the Sept. Iraq report.

It will take something that miraculous to keep it from becoming just another political football.

Posted by Jim at September 5, 2007 06:42 PM

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Hey thanks Jim. Good roundup here.

Posted by: Catez at September 5, 2007 08:21 PM