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May 12, 2005

The Assault on Christians at the Air Force Academy

The artificial controversy concerning overzealous Christians at the Air Force Academy is a textbook example of how liberals influence public opinion. In this case, a renowned anti-Christian liberal group (Americans for the Separation of Church and State) visited the Academy, talked with 15 students and staff, wrote a 13-page report, sent it to the Department of Defense, and announced it through the AP and others.

The MSM (here and here) picked up the charge and gave liberal ink to the “high level investigation” that “uncovers Christian bias” at the Air Force Academy. Now, the MSM says, the military is investigating.

Congratulations to the AFSCS. It was a wonderful exhibition of using the media apparatus available to them to create a crisis that exists only in the minds of people who hate to see strong Christians in positions of authority in any part of the government, including the military.

It is clear that faith is quite important to the cadets at the Air Force Academy. When life is about to involve screaming through the sky at unimaginable speeds or landing a plane on a piece of steel bobbing in the middle of an ocean, I’m not surprised that airmen want to be acquainted with their Creator and Sustainer.

It may be that their have been some who have been too aggressive in spreading the Word. And guidelines are fine. But don’t base anything on a bogus public relations campaign by a biased group seeking to wipe Christian influence entirely from the public square.

One Air Force Academy graduate and former officer, said in an interview with a Christian magazine that it's really an attempt to quash the free speech of Christians.

"I totally disagree with what they're saying. I applaud any chaplain that would encourage students to know the Lord. This is a free country, even in the military. If I did experience a bias in the Air Force, it was against Christians. Now, while we do have Christians at the Academy and in the Air Force, it's definitely a minority."

If you’ve ever visited the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, the most striking structure is a dramatically designed modern chapel in the center of the campus. Those who risk their lives each day to protect America have always looked to God to protect them and guide their perilous steps. For decades, the centrally located chapel has been a symbol of that dependence of God. May it always be.

Posted by Jim at May 12, 2005 08:42 AM

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Where do you get the impression that Americans United is an anti-Christian group?

Posted by: Sundown at May 12, 2005 01:20 PM

Fascinating. Doesn't it occur to you that there's a pretty huge and blatant contradiction between the "largest and most striking" building at the AF academy being a Christian chapel and people whining that there's a "bias against Christians"?

Posted by: Mike Jones at May 12, 2005 02:18 PM


What if the US Military Issued Muslim Imam's to the USMC - do you think that americans would be at all concerned about this?

Oh yes, that's right, americans want to have their 'support the troops to support the president' moment without having it interrupt the reality that YES the USN is Issuing Muslim Chaplain's to the USMC...

Hum... I wonder why folks are afraid to return to the America that Won WWII, that time before congress required the 'under god' phrase to be added to the pledge of allegiance.... Could it be that they just do not have the courage of their convictions? And have decided to hope that sounding like they believe in the state sponsored religion will suffice.

Ah yes.... Those Good Old Days... When will they come back again...

Posted by: drieux at May 12, 2005 04:44 PM

The Bride of Christ must be suffering from PMS. I've never seen so much whining in my life as I have from Christians today. When was the last time one of them found the door to their church locked and the military standing outside? When was the last time a prayer group was broken up and the participants hauled off to prison without a trial? How many of them have been beaten, stoned or crucified for their faith? They live in the one country in the world where freedom of religion reigns supreme and all they can do is whine because some of us think we need some freedom from their religion.

Posted by: Ozarker at May 12, 2005 09:48 PM

Glad to know that you think not being allowed to call fellow cadets "dirty Jews" is evidence of anti-Christian bias.

Posted by: Mary R at May 12, 2005 10:21 PM

Uh...just a couple of quick corrections...the Air Force does not land on carriers...that is navy pilots. And, um...the military has provided Imams, Rabbi's and Catholic priests to be available to the military members that subscribe to these faiths. I taught an adult religion class at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City and this may just SHOCK you no end, but we Christians shared the SAME building with the Jews and Muslims. Same sanctuary too...and the muslim men had a room that only they entered. And guess what? It was nice...we all got along, and we all learned from each other and we sometimes shared a meal or ecumenical service. That, my brethren, is what SHOULD be happening at all military facilities. The Air Force Academy is having major problems ...probably brought on by this overly harsh (dominionist) evangelical preaching that has taken hold in Colorado Springs. I think it is there that the Anti-Christ will rise. Consider it.

Posted by: trbell at May 13, 2005 01:08 AM

A couple of clarifications.

The premier whiner is Barry Lynn at the Americans for the Separation of Church and State. He's fabricating a crisis that doesn't exist. I welcome ministers of all faiths at military institutions and bases, and on the field. That's not the problem. It is when groups try to cleanse this and other public squares of all faiths.

Exuberant Christians can be inappropriate and they need respect those of all faiths and no faith. But they also need to be permitted to express their own beliefs.

I'm most embarassed that I had Air Force pilots landing on carriers, rather than Navy pilots. At least I included the Navy Hymn in my post that followed.

Posted by: Jim Jewell at May 13, 2005 09:59 AM

I wonder if Focus on the Family et al chose Colorado Springs for the very reason that they could influence many of the future officers of our military?

Are there any similar groupings of dominionists around Annapolis or West Point?

Posted by: Doug at May 13, 2005 10:22 AM

Colorado Springs is home to dozens of evangelical Christian organizations, but Focus on the Family moved from southern California only in the last decade or so because its cheaper to do business in Colorado than in Calif. Among the first organizations in the Springs was The Navigators, which did indeed have an emphasis on military ministry.

Evangelicals are not Dominionists, however. That's nonsense.

Posted by: Jim Jewell at May 13, 2005 10:48 AM

Jim writes: ...a renowned anti-Christian liberal group (Americans for the Separation of Church and State)...

I don't know. Barry Lynn is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. Looking at who sits on their Board of Trustees, I'm having a hard time seeing how all those job titles could be held by anti-Christians...

Dr. David C. Berliner
Tempe, Arizona
Arizona State University College of Education

Ouida U. Brown, Esq.
Tuscumbia, Alabama

Charlotte Coffelt
Kingwood, Texas
President/Founding Member, Houston AU Chapter
Retired public schoolteacher and administrator

James H. Hall, Jr., Esq.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Attorney with Hall, Patterson & Charne, S.C.

Flynn T. Harrell
Columbia, South Carolina
Corporate Director / Speaker / Writer

K. Hollyn Hollman
Washington, District of Columbia
General Counsel, Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs

Dr. Donald W. Jackson
Ft. Worth, Texas
Herman Brown Professor, Texas Christian University

Molleen Matsumura
Berkeley, California

Thomas McCracken
Murfreesboro, Tennesee

Dr. Bruce Prescott
Norman, Oklahoma
Director, Mainstream Oklahoma

The Reverend Meg Riley
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Director, Washington Office Unitarian Universalist Association

Karen B. Ringen
Boulder, Colorado
Consultant, HIV/AIDS Policy, Development and Program Planning

Rabbi Merrill Shapiro
Richmond, Virginia
Rabbi, Congregation Or Atid

Dr. Paul D. Simmons
Louisville, Kentucky
Clinical Professor, Medical Ethics, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Louisville School of Medicine

Eddie Tabash, Esq.
Pacific Pallisades, California
Attorney, private practice

Oh sure, some of them might be anti-Christian pagans— but, it's probably not fair to tag the whole group with that label.

And there's this from their FAQ page:

Q. Does Americans United oppose certain religious groups?
A. Americans United does not take positions on theological questions and does not oppose any groups because of their religious beliefs. In fact, Americans United works to defend the free exercise of religion as protected by the Constitution. Americans United does oppose efforts by the Religious Right to impose its theological views on everyone. We work against any effort to use the power of government to force anyone to support, take part in or fund religion. We do strongly oppose the Religious Right’s political goals that is, its attempts to force all Americans to accept its religious doctrines as law. We do not oppose the Religious Right because of what its members believe about theology.

Posted by: s9 at May 13, 2005 07:52 PM

I'm just SICK of the Christian Far-Right.
The last five years have been like a giant, maddening Jesus-Hammer endlessly banging on the bell of constant corruption and fascism. Erasing and re-writing scientific evidence, facts and even the ability to see the difference in reality and myth!

Wanna good, hard laugh? Just go read the archived news sections from the FOX News web site - or from NewsMax! They're FrEaKiN' HILLARIOUS!

I mean JESUS CHRIST himself would have choked on the idea of having Tom DeLay speak at Justice Sunday II - which I thought should have been named "JUST US SUNDAY II". I mean THINK about that! "TOM DELAY?!" Are they SERIOUS?!

The one bright spot has been watching the slow realization creep across the Bush-Cult members faces, as they (FINALLY!) begin to realize just how horribly corrupt and disgustingly small-minded their Lord and Savior George W. Bush really is! I wonder if they know that "The Wayback Machine" has all of their ignorant, salivating, MOonbaT right-wing blog rants totally and completely archived? - and that those words demonstrating their obviously brain-washed "Stepford Wives" devotion to George W. Bush and his endless attempts at establishing a new religous-reich will forever be RIGHT THERE ONLINE to haunt them and embarrass them.

The younger generation of Americans is already gettin' wise to the BLATANTLY OBVIOUS fact that the Christo-fascists have been 100% DEAD WRONG - about everything! ...and that the liberals have been 100% DEAD RIGHT about everything!

The trust of these younger Americans is something very valuable. That's something that they can't spin - or just buy back with tax free offering plate cash - or with George W. Bush's faith-based government funding that he's been giving to them to fund their religious beliefs and practices.

They've been KNOWINGLY but quietly taking EVEN ATHESIST'S tax dollars, and that's just pure corruption. It's called "taxation without representation" and everyone who ever watched publicly-funded children's educational television knows that.

CONSIDER THIS: The US military is now fighting and dying to defend and protect a fundamentalist Islamic republic in Iraq, a form of government which (by it's very definition) WILL be dedicated and determined to silence democracy, stifle freedom, stomp on religious freedom, suppress the rights of women, Iraqi Christians and other non-male, non-Islamic groups and people.

Watch the Christian Right try to spin THAT ONE into a "smashing success for our brave leader, George W. Bush". They'll succeed, too! As long as it's reported on FOX News, or spoken by George Dubya, then it's automatically considered to be true by American Christians.

Have you people seen THIS:

I think my kharma finally ran over my dogma.

If I EVER even start to believe ANYTHING that any Christian tries to tell me, EVER again, I hope that lightning strikes me right in the steeple and causes my pulpit to go pew in my parsonage.

This has been St. Cyril of Alexandria - Over and Out ...Amen!

"*Gott mit Uns*"

(by the way, has anyone seen that Hypatia-bitch?)


Posted by: St.Cyril of Alexandria at August 26, 2005 11:31 PM

". . .or landing a plane on a piece of steel bobbing in the middle of an ocean . . . "

I'm not much of a military expert, but I'm pretty certain that the Air Force Fly Boys leave the Air Craft Carrier landing stuff to the Navy Aviators. Right?

Posted by: duckettplease at October 12, 2005 11:48 AM