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September 18, 2005


porkbusterssm.jpgWe've discussed the government's funding of Katrina and DeLay's ludicrous comments at lenght at SCO (see posts and comments here, here, and here). But we're not alone. The topic has been broached many times across the blogosphere this week.

Instapundit and NZ Bear have kicked off a Porkbusters project.

Glenn writes:

Identify some wasteful spending in your state or (even better) Congressional District. Put up a blog post on it. Go to N.Z. Bear's new PorkBusters page and list the pork, and add a link to your post.

Then call your Senators and Representative and ask them if they're willing to support having that program cut or -- failing that -- what else they're willing to cut in order to fund Katrina relief. (Be polite, identify yourself as a local blogger and let them know you're going to post the response on your blog). Post the results. Then go back to NZ Bear's page and post a link to your followup blog post.

Sounds like a good idea.


Posted by Rick at September 18, 2005 07:01 PM

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"Hello, Mr/Ms Congressperson/Senator? Welcome to the age of more participatory and much more open democracy, courtesy of the blogosphere."

Great idea.

Posted by: Doug Payton at September 19, 2005 11:00 AM