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March 29, 2006

Buy a Piece of History

Remember those flooded school buses photographed in New Orleans? Well, you can buy one.

Starved for cash, the New Orleans school district is taking a long shot and hoping to sell its flooded, unsalvageable school buses on eBay.

Some submerged to their roofs in the black flood waters, the yellow school buses were widely photographed in the days after Hurricane Katrina and have become an icon of the city's devastated school system.

Correction: they became an icon of the city's devastated credibility when they started pointing fingers of blame up the food chain but failed to follow their own plan that included using school buses to get the poor out of the city. Sounds like a little airbrushing of recent history by this AP writer.

Junkyard Blog covers this, as he was the guy who broke the story of the Ray Nagin Memorial Motor Pool.

Posted by Doug at March 29, 2006 01:33 PM

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