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July 21, 2006

Vacationing in Lebanon?

Rich Galen has a great column today on the 25,000 or so Americans who are stuck in Beirut and waiting for the U. S. Government to come rescue them.

One question: why are they there? Sierra Faith has some answers.

Honestly, would you want to spend your vacation in a war zone? Personally, I prefer Walt Disney World.

Never mind the fact that the State Department has had warnings posted for six months about the dangers of travelling to Lebanon.

Mike Gallagher's analysis of the situation is right on the mark:

Once more, we’re confronted with the ugly image of people shirking their personal responsibility and wanting to blame everyone else for their decisions. If you make the choice to take a holiday in a place like Beirut, it sure seems like there’s a possibility that you might not enjoy it when the terrorists get antsy. At the very least, you might want to hold your tongue and not complain, gripe and moan about your country when it comes and rescues you.

These people likely learned a thing or two from the reaction to flooded New Orleans. Sure, there were some people who couldn’t leave when Katrina was on its way. But let’s face it, there were many people who became victims because they made a choice to stay in New Orleans despite being warned to get out of town. Their bad decision became the government’s fault.

Just once, I’d like to see an American on TV express some appreciation for their country during times like these. What a joy it would have been to turn on the television and see an evacuee from Lebanon say something like, “Boy, was I ever dumb for deciding to take a vacation in Lebanon. But thanks to the United States, I’m now safely sitting in the Baltimore airport and am I ever grateful. Thanks to the brave men and women who helped rescue my family and me, and God bless America. It sure feels great to be home.”

No, that wasn’t what these people said. Not even close. Their sense of outrage and entitlement is slowly but surely becoming the American way. And it’s positively disgusting.

Posted by Tom at July 21, 2006 09:08 AM

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Before I went to Beirut, I figured it would be a pretty crazy place as well...and I thought I may be a bit crazy. I went. I loved it. I've called it one of my favorite places in the world...quite modern, cultured, over 40% speak 3 languages...very educated, friendly people, etc.

Like anywhere, you don't go to the wrong place at night, and in Lebanon, we knew not to go to the south. Yep...there was a war that ended there 16 years ago, but there's been so much peace!

I hate what's happening now (and the crybabies on TV who were mad at the U.S. for slow evac time were uncalled for), but if we stayed away from anywhere that's seen violence in the last 16 years, we'd have to stay away from a lot of places.

Also, the State Dept., to it's credit, is VERY conservative in my experience. I've been to a ton of places where they urge caution, and I've been fine. They need to urge that caution, but if everyone fled those places, many nice places would lose a lot of people. My thoughts...

Posted by: Matt at August 6, 2006 09:22 PM